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Social Media Marketing

Our team of experts can build and manage your Social media campaigns to meet your ROI, Brandawarness, KPI, leads, conversion so each budget you spend should have its value, so analysing the campaign, targeting, building attractive creative assets our team is best on it.

Payperclick Experts

Our team of experts can handle trending PPC platforms like Google Adwords, DV360, Propel, Amazon, linkedin, creation of Ad copies, targeting, Bidding strategy, deal setup, Programmatic buying, seasonal brand promotions, drive high volume leads and traffic.

SEO experts

Our team of experts can handle task like Keyword research, Onpage Optimization, Offpage Optimization, Google Search Console setup, lead generation, Organic traffic boost, youtube views etc

Local SEO

Ranking your keywords locally needs experts and our experts can ensure we come up with best strategy to rank your local SEO buisness on Top of the maps.

Custom Website Design

Our team can support in Mobile freindly web and landing page design, which can have hight CTA, forms which build with focus on lead generation.

Conversion Rate Optimization experts

Getting customer to website is one part, but to convert them to paying customer it needs lot of work, our CRO strategy experts optimize your site for all channels, so you can have better conversions.

Technical SEO

Our technical experts run Crawl error reports, https status check, check codes, optimize site spped, audit redirects, elimnate duplicate content, best strategy to increase website crwalability, XML, sitemap setup, depending on the needs and requirements we can handle end to end SEO

Link Building

Our team of experts can help in acquiring organic traffic high authority websites and increase consumer trust, paid sponsorships, collaborations, influence people, blogging, directory submission, content distrucbution across varioous changels, we build quality backlinks which is mesaurable.

Video Marketing Experts

Video marketing is not easy like it looks, its needs creative story telling, market in right channels, right tagging, right keyword, right auidence, Video SEO needs optimized video content, we can handle end to end of this operations

Amazon Marketing Experts

Getting found in Amazon from competitions needs right AMS strategy, we help products or your brand to be shown with combine Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, Amazon storefront to drive valuable results. we build and optimize your keyword strategy to you have low Advertising cost and high yield in return.

Ecommerce marketing expert

Our team of experts take care of eCommerce SEO and PPC, build sales funnel, right audience, review optimization, product image creation and optimization to build your ROI for eCommerce our expert team is right choice.

Email Marketing Expert

We have expert email marketing team who can manage your campaign end to end, from building email template, email list, newsletter, targeting, testing, delivering, reporting we have right team for you. few technologies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Custom email server setup we can take of it.

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Our Clients Testimonial

Vishu and the Logician team were assisting us in our ad operation team day to day crucial actions, at all time there will be at least someone available to communicate with. They were super professionals and done all tasks quickly and thoroughly, we were very happy from their service!

Liran Sagiv

Forepeak Media

We have enjoyed the pleasure of working directly with Vishu and his team at Logician Mediaservices Pvt Ltd  since 2017. Their team is incredibly responsive, they monitor our accounts with the utmost expertise and we are in good hands with all their dedicated staff. There is a level of comfort that is necessary in our industry and we trust Logician Mediaservices Pvt Ltd with our campaigns. As a key partner of ours, they ensure our  longevity in the dynamic and competitive Adtech arena. We cannot recommend them enough!

Wayne Erickson

VP Impression Digital

I want to thank you for your services and your support in the last three years. It is a pleasure working with you and your team, Very professional support, responsive and trustworthy!


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