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At Logician we specialize in Ad Operations (AdOps) services, providing end-to-end solutions that cover a comprehensive range of AdOps technologies. Our team of experts is well-versed in key DSPs, SSPs, Ad Servers, media buying, performance marketing, trafficking, and campaign optimization, ensuring your advertising campaigns reach new heights.

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Adops/Programmatic/RTB experts

Ad Servers

Hire Dedicated Adops team who have expert knowledgein working in Premium Adserver like GAM, GAM360, CM360, DCM, Appenexus, Epom, Yahoo, Atlas, Amazon, Openx, Pubmatic, Zedo etc

Demand Side Platforms

Hire Dedicated Adops team who have expert knowledge in working in Premium DSP like DV360, Xandr, Adform, Freewheel, Yahoo DSP, Facebook, Amazon, Audio DSP, TTD, Mediamind, Sizmek, Brightroll etc

Supply side Platforms

Hire Dedicated Adops team who have expert knowledge in working in Premium SSP like Freewheel, Xandr, Adform, Yahoo Adx, Google Adx, Sizmek, Adnetworks, Inmobi, Amazon etc

RTB - Dispaly/Video/Audio

Hire Dedicated RTB experts team knowledge having hands on experience in platforms like Cedato, Fuel, LKQD, Springserve, Limelight, Smarthub, Ownadx, Adkernel, 3xlr, Freewheel, Google Adx, Dv360, Xandar, Prisma etc

Reporting Experts

Our Experts team can handle different reporting needs like Campaign Pacing, Attribute Model Reports, Dashboards, Google Studio, Billing Reconciliation, Discrepancy reports, End of Campaign, Creative level, Reach, Audience and Re-marketing reports, Conversion Reports, Optimization Reports etc

Creative Experts

Need help in building banners, HTML5 ads, Richmedia, Video ads, Creative Optimization, Dynamic creative we have expert team who are skilled in trending technologies like Adobe Edge, Google Web Designer, Swiffy, Celtra, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe premier, Video editors, Video tagging

Salesforce Experts

Hire the best remote Salesforce developers in 3-5 days. Hire Silicon Valley-standard, timezone-friendly Salesforce developers at unbeatable prices with logician.

Ticketing Experts

Hire dedicated team who can handle your client/customer issues, Adtech tickets, enquiries, Product Demo. Technical documentation or any other ticket mode task.

Performance Marketing Platforms

Hire Affiliate or performance experts who are expert in platforms like Tune, Hasoffer, Affise, Mobiidea, Clickbank, Impact, Eventflow, Cake etc

We can support on different Operations

Here’s a list of different types of developers that companies can hire for their web development needs:


  • Setting up Campaigns
  • Creative Management – Testing/uploading
  • Site Tagging based on Adserver
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
  • Inventory Forecasting and Management
  • Reporting
  • Screenshots
  • Troubleshooting


  • Setting up Campaigns as per Mediaplan
  • Sending tags to publishers/networks
  • Creative testing and Uploading
  • Brand Saftey Wrapping
  • Floodlight or conversion pixel testing
  • Campaign Optimization and Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Discrepancy Troubleshooting


  • Sales Support Header Bidding
  • Demand Tag Creation
  • Supply Tag Creation
  • Optimization based on GEO, Bundles, Size.
  • Vast/Vpaid Issues
  • Removing Non performing Supply/Demands.
  • Fill rate Optimization
  • Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Billing Reconcillation

Performance Marketing

  • Setting up Offers Postback Test
  • Setting up Affiliates
  • Testing Affiliates
  • Conversion Pixel Trouble Shooting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Profit Reports

Why Choose Logician for AdOps

Comprehensive AdOps Solutions

Covering DSPs, SSPs, Ad Servers, and more, we provide a complete suite of Ad Operations services.

Expertise in Leading Technologies

Proficient in working with industry-leading technologies to ensure cutting-edge campaigns.

Results-Driven Approach

Our focus is on delivering measurable results through strategic Ad Operations and campaign optimization.

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