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At Logician we are dedicated to cultivating the prowess of data science and data-related experts, providing a platform that not only places them in impactful roles but also nurtures their continuous learning journey. Our commitment extends beyond conventional hiring, focusing on empowering talents skilled in various data technologies and services.

Hire Ideal Data Science

Why Choose Data Science and Data Related
Experts through Logician

Here’s a list of different types of developers that companies can hire for their web development needs:

Technology Mastery

Our talent pool comprises experts well-versed in a spectrum of data technologies, ensuring alignment with your specific project requirements.

Comprehensive Data Services

From data analysis to machine learning and artificial intelligence, our experts offer a range of services to address the evolving needs of the data-driven landscape.

Specialized Skills

We specialize in placing experts with niche skills such as big data analytics, natural language processing, and predictive modeling, ensuring your projects benefit from cutting-edge insights.

Continuous Learning Culture

We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging our data science and data-related experts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Data Science Technologies We Cover

Big Data Analytics

• Apache Hadoop
• Apache Spark

Machine Learning

• Python (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch)
• R

Artificial Intelligence

• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Computer Vision

Data Visualization

• Tableau
• Power BI

Predictive Modeling

• Regression Analysis
• Decision Trees

Our Services for Data Science and Data-Related Experts

Career Placement Assistance

We connect talented data science and data-related experts with opportunities aligned with their skills and career aspirations.

Skill Enhancement Programs

Our platform provides access to skill enhancement programs, ensuring experts are well-equipped with the latest tools and technologies.

Project Diversity

From startups to enterprises, we cater to diverse projects, offering experts the chance to work on stimulating and challenging assignments.

Mentorship and Guidance

Covering DSPs, SSPs, Ad Servers, and more, we provide a complete suite of Ad Operations services.

Professional Advancement

  • We are committed to the ongoing professional development of data science and data-related experts, providing avenues for continuous growth.
  • Joining [Your Company Name] means becoming a part of a community of experts, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing for collective success.

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Our Clients Testimonial

Vishu and the Logician team were assisting us in our ad operation team day to day crucial actions, at all time there will be at least someone available to communicate with. They were super professionals and done all tasks quickly and thoroughly, we were very happy from their service!

Liran Sagiv

Forepeak Media

We have enjoyed the pleasure of working directly with Vishu and his team at Logician Mediaservices Pvt Ltd  since 2017. Their team is incredibly responsive, they monitor our accounts with the utmost expertise and we are in good hands with all their dedicated staff. There is a level of comfort that is necessary in our industry and we trust Logician Mediaservices Pvt Ltd with our campaigns. As a key partner of ours, they ensure our  longevity in the dynamic and competitive Adtech arena. We cannot recommend them enough!

Wayne Erickson

VP Impression Digital

I want to thank you for your services and your support in the last three years. It is a pleasure working with you and your team, Very professional support, responsive and trustworthy!


CTO Web3

Our Clients

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