• To be effective, keyword advertising requires frequent monitoring and adjustment. As part of campaign management,
  • We will perform the  following:
  • Bid price adjustments – This plan defines the specific goals are the principal actions you want visitors to take on the site, which show   increasing levels of interest and commitment. For example, such actions could include downloading a document, signing up for a Newsletter,   purchasing a product, etc.
  • Ad adjustments – Ad copy may need to be changed from time to time to increase response for given keywords. Multiple ads will be run in   rotation and the underperformers will be replaced by new ads. In this way, ads in the campaign will consistently increase their   effectiveness at generating clicks from prospects.
  • Landing page adjustments – A keyword’s relevance score is calculated by Google and can affect the price you must pay to achieve favorable    position for an ad associated with that keyword. Relevance is defined in large part by the alignment of copy on the landing page for the ad   with the keywords and copy used in the ad. We will periodically adjust the landing page copy to ensure a high relevance score from Google   for each keyword.



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